Time and Schedule Management [2024]

Time and Schedule Management (Customer Success-Kizzy Consulting)

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Company Overview

The client plays a significant role in the healthcare industry in Melbourne, Australia.

System Overview and Challenges

The client is using the Enterprise edition of Salesforce. The client had a large team of healthcare professionals working with 1000+ end customers. The efficiency lag within the organization was becoming a major challenge for the client with increasing employees. There were two ways the time-logging worked in the organization:

  1. Working with the client or Billable hours for the employee.
  2. Working internally on the system or Non-billable hours from the employees’ working schedule.

The issue our client faced was that the differentiation was not proper regarding the billable and the non-billable hours. 


The Kizzy Consulting team discussed, designed, and developed a time log system (TMS). In TMS, we inculcated custom time-logging components which could be used to log times for individual users. Here the users working directly with the client had a different set of selections to make for the client and the administrative users had a different selection set to choose from for their internal admin tasks. 

The timesheets for both the internal and the external users were connected to a calendar. The calendar was made publicly available in the organization which could be looked at for any individual user to understand their availability for any particular date and time.

For the client-facing users, the calendar could be used to track the appointment location, appointments’ total time duration, and related therapists to that event (if any). Furthermore, on the basis of the appointment location, the users’ traveling time could be calculated using leading distance calculation APIs in the marketplace. The calculated time was then included in the system for billing the client and for maintaining the timesheet of the user. 

Time and Schedule Management (Customer Success-Kizzy Consulting)

The time logs were then bifurcated into dashboards on the basis of the organizational role hierarchy. The dashboards denoted KPI factors using the pre-existing data related to internal users. This included the creation of dashboards related to:

  1. Weekly User KPI Dashboard – This helped the user get an understanding of how they could increase their effectiveness.
  2. Weekly/Monthly Team Dashboard –  This helped the team leaders and RMs understand which particular therapists were lagging behind in the weekly/monthly work.
  3. Director-level Dashboards – This was a dashboard that was created with special security layering so that only Directors could recognize the issues related to individual team members or team leaders.

Time and Schedule Management (Customer Success-Kizzy Consulting)

The dashboards were placed into different applications within Salesforce on the basis of the security layers of the organization.


With the inclusion of bifurcated timesheet management in place, the complete system had a new way of working which wasn’t limited to but included: 

  1. Enhanced User Interface – With multiple designated dashboards in place and time-logging timesheets, The users know what they are looking for with each click.
  2. Comparative Data Analytics – Users have a comparative study of the timesheets and can work on their lagging areas, thus making the working culture more competitive and fun.
  3. Efficient Accounting Process– The Accounting team has a bird-eye view into the system and can look at users ranging from Directors to Interns to get a quick view into their monthly/weekly or daily schedules.
  4. Automated Timesheet Management: Integrating distance calculation API proved to be a game-changer as the time taken for traveling can now be directly logged into the system corresponding to the Client and the designated Healthcare professional; thus removing the need for manual logging of the same. This also led to a reduction in manual errors which could happen when logging the traveling time.

The quarterly efficiency of the organization since the last setup has increased approximately by 18% with an increase in employee satisfaction and better outreach towards the clients.

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