Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange offers users a mix of premium and free apps that can be obtained according to category and industry-specific solutions.

These solutions are organized into manufacturing-specific, education, real estate, customer services and small business specifics. This is to ensure that every enterprise can access a personalized application.

Since these applications are particularly designed for a specific segment, they aren’t necessarily personalized for every enterprise. But this is where our Salesforce AppExchange development services come into play.

Kizzy Consulting is a leading Salesforce services provider where we can help you get a Salesforce AppExchange application that entirely matches your needs and expectations.

The AppExchange App Development Process We Follow

  • 1

    Requirement Gathering

  • 2

    Creating a Business Plan

  • 3

    Rolling out the Design

  • 4

    AppExchange Development

  • 5

    AppExchange Testing

Requirement Gathering

The first step is all about requirements gathering. What are your particular requirements from the application? It is studied by our skilled Salesforce developers. In this step, we break down your requirements into the following sections:

  • What is a business trying to build?
  • Why would a company want to build it?
  • How a business wants to build it?

Once we have all these queries clarified through a brainstorming session, we head to the next steps in the app’s development.

Creating a Business Plan

We map out the overall business plan of a firm that trusts Kizzy Consulting with lots of expectations. We work on the business presentation while outlining the key business goals and strategies.

Your target market will always be your core focus. Feel free to express your thoughts so that we can quickly act on your preferences and ensure that your application is developed exactly as you and your business require.

The pricing plan strategy, target marketing, sales strategy- everything will be part of business planning. So make sure you have these little things considered as priorities.

Rolling out the Design

The designing phase begins as soon as needed segments are addressed while forming business plans. After all, not just functional but visual interaction plays an indispensable role when you are using AppExchange applications in real-time.

Your manager or employee sitting on the interface must understand the whole ecosystem at a glance. In case it is still difficult, Kizzy Consulting will be available for your assistance.

AppExchange Development

Kizzy Consulting follows an agile methodology to develop an application with multiple functionalities and configurations.

With the right mix of programmatic and visual tools, we make sure that the AppExchange application stands the test of time with complete accuracy and precision.

Our AppExchange app developers even have the ability to customize the app as per a specific requirement that you believe is unfulfilled by the Salesforce AppExchange.

AppExchange Testing

Services don’t end here. You will still be assisted with AppExchange testing to ensure the application is up and running and adapting to your requirements.

Any error, lag, or system complications will be addressed and resolved in real-time. Kizzy Consulting always adheres to processes that do not disrupt the work flow. We understand that smooth interaction is required between the system and the operator.

So feel free to reach out for further maintenance or upgrades.

Why choose Kizzy as your Salesforce Appexchange Development Company?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppExchange Development?

AppExchange App Development refers to the process of building and publishing custom applications on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. The Salesforce AppExchange is an online marketplace where users can browse and download custom applications that extend the functionality of Salesforce.

What is the cost of developing an Salesforce AppExchange application?

The cost of an AppExchange app development can vary widely depending on various factors such as the complexity of the application, the number of features required, the amount of customization needed, the resources required, and the development approach chosen.

In addition to development costs, there may be other costs involved, such as Salesforce security review fees, AppExchange listing fees, and ongoing maintenance costs.

What does the security review in AppExchange means?

The security review in AppExchange refers to the process of evaluating and testing Salesforce apps that are built and listed on the AppExchange platform to ensure they meet the security standards and guidelines set by Salesforce.

During the security review process, a team of Salesforce security experts will assess the app’s security vulnerabilities, access controls, data protection, and overall security architecture. The review process includes a series of automated and manual tests to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities.