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Salesforce Implementation Service

Salesforce implementations refer to bringing key products of this cloud-based CRM software into action. The process entails Salesforce consultation, configuration, migration, customization, integration, and after-service support, assisted by Salesforce customization consultants in Florida, miami, to maintain the uniformity of the whole operation.

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Salesforce Implementation Service

Salesforce Integration Service

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, one of the top Salesforce integrators in Florida, is a single-integrated platform offering crystal-clear insight into the overall customer experience with the company. Our services also encompass Salesforce integration consulting.

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Salesforce Integration Service

Salesforce Development Service

The world’s #1 customer relationship management software, Salesforce, helps businesses understand their customers better through a single interface. And the best thing is that the cloud-based application can easily adapt to the unique requirements of clients.

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Salesforce Development Service

AppExchange app development Service

Salesforce AppExchange offers users a mix of premium and free apps that can be obtained according to category and industry-specific solutions. These solutions are organized into manufacturing-specific, education, real estate, customer services, and small business specifics. This is to ensure that every enterprise, with the assistance of AppExchange consultants in Florida and Miami, can access a personalized application.

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AppExchange App Development Service

Salesforce Managed Services

Traditionally, Salesforce managerial work had basic support system and limited option to get the whole thing managed on a personalized level.

But today, the cloud-based CRM software is easy to manage with a centralized window and some skilled personnel like Kizzy Consulting who master the science of Salesforce activities.

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Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce Quickstart Packages

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Experience Business Growth with Salesforce Sales Cloud: Empowering Sales Reps to Boost Efficiency, Increase Conversions, and Gain Valuable Insights into Organizational Performance with swift and effective Salesforce quickstart implementation in Florida.

Price: *Starts at $6900 

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Elevate Your Customer Service and Support with Salesforce Service Cloud: Unlocking the Power of Automation, Streamlined Workflows, and AI-Powered Assistance to Optimize Efficiency and Delight Customers.

Price: *Starts at $5000

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Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation

Enhance Customer Support with Customer Communities: Empowering Customers, Partners, and Employees with an Interactive Self-Service Online Portal for Quick Issue Resolution, Knowledge Sharing, and Engaging Experiences.

Price: *Starts at $6900

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Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

Unleash the Power of Personalized Campaigns and Seamless Customer Experiences with Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Empowering You to Drive Effective Marketing Strategies and Leverage Integrated Digital Tools Across Every Customer Interaction.

Price: *Starts at $5000

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

Deeply Understanding the Endless Possibilities of Salesforce

At Kizzy Consulting, a Salesforce Ridge Partner, we specialize in transforming businesses into more streamlined, effective, and efficient enterprises.

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Kizzy Consulting has a history of satisfying customers with dedicated, innovative, and experience-driven solutions.

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Our company boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate because we support business productivity with excellence.

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Heavy Machine Procurement-Demand and Supply (Kizzy Consulting-Top Salesforce Partner) 0

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Company Overview Client works in heavy machine procurement and retail industry. Client is based out of Crofton, USA. Clo

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Prospect and Deal Management [2024]

Company Overview The client works in the replenishable resource healthcare industry and heavy material industry. The cli

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Ready-to-use instant Stripe payouts allow for fast and efficient disbursement of funds to recipients. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to receive out commissions or other payments on a regular basis. One of the major benefits of using instant Stripe payouts is that it eliminates the need for manual disbursement processes, such as writing and mailing checks. This can save businesses significant time and money, and also helps to reduce errors and inaccuracies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kizzy Consultings' expertise?

Kizzy Consulting is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and has successfully implemented 100+ Salesforce projects for 100+ clients across sectors like Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Sales, Manufacturing, Real estate, Logistics, and Healthcare in countries like the US, Europe, and Australia.

Would your team work for us on a white label basis?

Yes, we do! Roughly 30% of our projects are running on white-label mode. You would be the front face for your clients and we could deliver on your behalf in the backend.

How much time will it take for complete a project?

All Salesforce projects range typically from 30 days to even 6 months to even a year! Once we analyze your project scope and requirements, we can give you the estimates and timeline required for it. Please email your requirements to [email protected].

How do I know Kizzy Consulting is a right Salesforce Consulting partner to work with?

Firstly, we urge you to have a look at our Case Studies. Secondly, we are a Registered Salesforce Partner and one of the Top Salesforce consulting companies in usa. Thirdly, please see what our customers have to say about us in the Testimonials section.

I am interested. How can I get in touch with you?

Sure. Please fill out our Contact us form or email your requirements to Solution Architect Sanjeet Mahajan at [email protected].