Transforming Healthcare Management with Salesforce Healthcare Cloud [2023]

Salesforce Healthcare Cloud (Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partner)

Company Overview

Our client is a healthcare provider and had been using the Service Cloud for data handling related to the patient, and their in-house doctors. The client has a large team of in-house doctors as well as visiting doctors, caretakers, referred patients, and Insurance Providers.

System Overview and Challenges

The previous system was based on the service cloud. The hectic process of verifying online and offline records was a huge concern for them. We catered to a Salesforce Health Cloud process which helped them keep the data related to their patients, in-house or visiting doctors, and even the insurance providers in one place.

Solution (s): Platform, Health Cloud


  • There is a one-click approach now available in the system to convert any referral or any Inquiry into a Patient on the system.
  • All data relating to the In-house and visiting doctors with their specialties can be managed in the same system.
  • This patient has related Care Plans, Timeline for Tasks and achievable Goals, Related people to that patient for references, and a whole dedicated Care Team for the patient.
  • Now, after initiating Health Cloud, we are able to determine Problems in delivering care to a patient and eradicating them.
  • Several other similar functionalities have been included in the system.


  • Using Health Cloud features, the overall understanding of the Patient data has increased.
  • Patient, doctors, and other staff details are available on the same system to look into.


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