Salesforce Retail Case Study [2023]

Salesforce Retail Case Study
Company Overview

Our client is in the Retail business. They wanted to use Salesforce for data handling related to manufacturing, distribution, retail stores, and end-user data sets. We created this system from the very beginning and provided a full-fledged working system. The system proved to be a game-changer for our client.

System Overview and challenges

The System which we designed included various pages for data related to manufacturing, distribution, retail marketing, and end-user sales.

The client wanted a system that could provide clear data representation which would make it easy to understand the better working aspects and lagging behind aspects of the products.

Solution (s):

Platform, Sales

  • We introduced KPI reports and related Dashboards in the system for all factors related to the company. Providing data in a synchronized way for interrelated factors like manufacturing and client data helps in getting a better understanding. Salesforce Retail Case Study
  • We also provided an automated working system for adding new potential distributors on the basis of their location and working hours they could put into the distribution process.
  • An additional feature we provided the client was to have a survey about what the end-user thought about any particular product and thus use that to change the sales of the product.
  • Using presentation features in the retail market made the data module more approachable and Inquiries are easy to reach out to.
  • The end result increased the sales by around 35% in three months and the overall business expansion was around 12%.

Kizzy Consulting

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