Prospect and Deal Management [2024]

Salesforce Casee Study (Top Salesforce Partner)

Company Overview

The client works in the replenishable resource healthcare industry and heavy material industry.

The client is based out of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Cloud and Edition: Sales, Service Enterprise

System Overview and Challenges

The client is using the Enterprise edition of Salesforce. The client wanted to have a system where if someone contacted the company via the official contact email, a new prospect should be created in the system. If the Sales Reps initiated a conversation on a pre-existing Deal, and the related Contact replies, the mail should be tagged on the Opportunity.

Salesforce Case Study( Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partner)Solution

The Kizzy team set up a customization in the following ways :

  1. Any new email coming into the system generated a new Lead. 
  2. Mail should be tagged to any pre-existing Contacts/Prospects if found with the same email in the system.
  3. Sales Reps were given the ability to carry conversations with registered Deals using mail customizations.
  4. A custom component was used to display any new incoming emails related to Prospects or Deals during the last 5 hours. 


  1. Any email coming towards the contact email of the company is attributed to a Lead thus increasing the number of Prospects multifold.
  2. Sales Reps can easily look into Prospects/Deals or Customer records and look at previous and ongoing conversations.
  3. The custom component addition reduced the time consumption for mail handling by 1-1.5 hours a day for each Sales Rep. 
  4. The custom component also helped sales reps handle the new emails promptly which further increased customer trust.

Kizzy Consulting

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Case Study (Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partner)

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