Lumary package for NDIS management-Australia

Lumary package for NDIS management-Australia (Kizzy Consulting)

Australian Healthcare Services (NDIA) – Case Study

Study Overview

This is a case study for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) working process along with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We will be discussing how we implemented a working process while working with the Lumary package for NDIS management.


This is a case study written over the NDI Scheme set up by NDIA for providing health care to the Australian public. NDIS describes a standard set of Services and Rates which are to be used when providing any sort of therapy, majorly including but not limited to; behavioural support, speech pathology, or physiotherapies.

Lumary’s Approach and Efforts

Salesforce Health sphere, since its’ launching in 2016 has been the hotspot for medical data handling around the globe.

Understanding the requirements of the industry, Lumary took a step forward and developed a package for handling the NDIS services in Salesforce. This was an OEM package by Lumary meaning that the customer won’t require any other Salesforce additional packages once they had the Lumary package.

  1. Automations by Lumary: Lumary worked on keeping touch points from the very beginning of the business process. This included Contacts, Service Agreements, TImesheet Entires, Services Delivered, and Extracts. 
  2. Service Agreements: SAs, created for holding data about services which are to be delivered to clients were bifurcated on the basis of the type of clients and on the basis of the Funding Source of the client. Thus providing a clear picture to the accounts and financing team.
  3. Ease of business: Lumary has its own set of components which include Service Appointments, Services, Rates etc. These are updated whenever there is an update in NDIS. 
  4. Kizzy’s Quick Comprehension: Upon introduction to this package by one of our clients; who also happens to be the biggest therapy provider in Australia, we initiated and decided to change the game for them by providing some more business oriented scenarios.

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Game Changing approach of Kizzy

  1. Improvements by Kizzy team: Kizzy team created a system of Appointments, customised dashboards and Timesheets which are used to keep the system running along with Lumary’s ongoing business process. 
  2. KPI Management: These entities help the admin and finances in maintaining KPI dashboards for individual therapists, teams and the whole organisation. This included the creation of custom dashboards like:
    1. Weekly User KPI Dashboard – This helped the user get an understanding of how they could increase their effectiveness.
    2. Weekly/Monthly Team Dashboard –  This helped the team leaders and RMs understand which particular therapists were lagging behind in the weekly/monthly work.
    3. Director-level Dashboards – This was a dashboard that was created with special security layering so that only Directors could recognize the issues related to individual team members or team leaders.Lumary Package for ndia management (Kizzy Consulting)
  3.  Appointment Management: Lumary helps in managing the Services, Sites and Rates for the therapies. But the appointment setup, travel time and travel expenses are something which have been managed within the system using our custom approach.
    1. We created a custom calendar for getting appointments logged in the system with a bird-eye’s view of all the Therapists’ included in the system.
    2. Once the Appointments are completed, we use Timesheets to log time and services which have been delivered.
    3. These services are then handled by the Lumary system wherein Services are calculated based on the Rates.
    4. Kizzy team added a functionality to includ
  4. Client next moves these Delivered Services into weekly/monthly extracts. From here these extracts are moved to Invoices using automated invoicing systems like XERO.

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To conclude, Lumary provides a great package for creation, maintenance and completion of Service Invoices. This package in itself works as a game changer specialised for the NDIS industry. The Kizzy team worked on providing some tailored solutions on top of this package as per the requirements of our client. As a result, we were able to address specific needs and deliver a customised solution that exceeded the customer expectations.

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