University Management with Salesforce [2024]

360° University Management with Salesforce(Kizzy Consulting-top salesforce partner)

University management with Salesforce offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing student engagement through personalized communication and services. By leveraging its robust CRM capabilities, educational institutions can effectively manage admissions, student records, alumni relations, and more, fostering a connected campus experience.

University Overview

Our Client is a university based in Princeton, USA. 

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System Overview and Challenges

The university has a large base of students and teaching staff, expanding over 55 departments. Students also have financial plans active which are taken care of by the Student Advisors. Our client wanted to have: 

  1. A CRM system in place to be able to keep track of students’ courses, their academic history/progress.
  2. A site where students can log in and look at their academic and financial details. Along with the ability to be able to raise cases and discuss any problems they might be coming across with the advisors.
  3. A system to provide time-logged automated updates to students, teachers and advisors for different types of tasks.

360° University Management with Salesforce(Kizzy Consulting-top salesforce partner)


To address the challenges faced by the university, we proposed the implementation of Salesforce Education Cloud, a comprehensive solution(university management with Salesforce) tailored for educational institutions. Based on the architectural capacities of Sales and Service cloud, Education cloud provides features related to CRM functionalities, student portals, and automated communication systems to streamline academic and financial processes while enhancing student engagement and support.

  • Student Portal for Self-Service and Support
    1. A user-friendly portal was developed within Salesforce Community Cloud where students could securely log in and access their academic records, financial details, and other relevant information.
    2. In Experience Cloud, functionalities were enabled for students to raise cases and initiate discussions with student advisors regarding academic or financial concerns.
    3. Role-based access controls were implemented to ensure data privacy and security and data differentiation between Students/ Advisors/ Faculties and the admin team.
    4. Advisors were given access to “Fees and available balances” of the students under their wing. This also included the creation of KPI indicators to acknowledge students below a certain amount in their accounts. This helped in setting up discussion and help lectures for students with financial grievances.
  • Automated Communication System
    1. Salesforce’s automations were leveraged to automate time-logged updates for students, teachers, and advisors.
    2. Automated notifications were configured for various tasks such as course registration deadlines, assignment submissions, and financial aid disbursements.
    3. Personalized communication channels were set up based on individual preferences and academic status.
  • CRM System for Student and Academic Management 1. Kizzy team worked on setting up Education cloud to utilise Salesforce Education Cloud’s CRM capabilities to centralise student information, including course enrollment, academic history, and progress tracking across 55 departments.


  1. There was a sharp increase in data accuracy and accessibility, measured by the reduction in data entry errors and time spent searching for student information. Within the initial six months, a minimum of a 20% enhancement in data management efficiency was observed.
  2. Enhanced student satisfaction and support efficiency, measured by the percentage increase in cases resolved within the same day. An incisive 30% reduction in average case resolution time within the first three months was observed.
  3. Improved engagement and task completion rates, measured by the percentage increase in timely task submissions and course enrollments. There was a 25% increase in on-time task completion within the first semester of implementation.
  4. The implementation of clarified financial processes and alerting systems led to a reduction of defaulting student accounts by 15%. 

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