Service cloud voice is a telephony system integrated within the Salesforce service cloud, which allows routing of phone calls on a single platform.

It is a CTI solution integrated inside a service cloud that offers streamlined customer service, boundless visibility for managers and AI driven intuitiveness leading to a better service experience for customers.



 Direct integration into omni channel console

Omni channel routing is a method of intelligently directing customer queries across a diverse range of service channels. Salesforce has now directly integrated telephony into the omni-channel console that agents use to handle customer issues. Now agents doesn’t have to toggle between screens or tools.

Increased Productivity

Since it provides a holistic view of the customer to the agent it leads to a more fulfilling experience for the customer and helps close the calls faster. Einstein Intelligence and single integrated platform impart relevant information to the agents quickly saving time and enhancing interactive experience.

Easy Integration of calls

Since Amazon connect is integrated with service cloud , all the advantages of Amazon connect are available in this option also service cloud  leads customers to the agents best suited for their needs at that point of time saving time and money .

Salesforce Voice (Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partner)


AII assisted phone answering

Voice transcripts from Amazon Connect and Einstein based recommendations provide a seamless experience. As customer data is available in real time agents can navigate custom queries faster and more relevantly.

Salesforce Voice (Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partner)

Personal Touch

Since all customer chats and data are available on screen customer experience is enhanced and lesser details have to be sought from the customer as also from other departments.

Optimization of training

Since it provided supervisors real time glimpse of customer interaction, better and more effective training can be imparted to the agents and also on boarding of new recruits can be fast tracked

Salesforce Voice (Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partner)



  • Voice is available only in Lightning Experience, not in Classic.
  • Voice isn’t supported on Salesforce Mobile.

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