Unleashing the Power of AI: Introducing Salesforce Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT [2023]

Salesforce Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT (Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partner)

Salesforce has recently introduced “Marketing GPT” and “Commerce GPT,” innovative solutions that leverage generative AI to enhance personalization in marketing campaigns and shopping experiences. With these cutting-edge tools, businesses can now tailor their marketing efforts and optimize customer engagement at a whole new level. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Salesforce aims to empower businesses to deliver highly customized and immersive experiences that resonate with their customers, ultimately driving better results and fostering stronger relationships.


The adoption of generative AI is revolutionizing business productivity and efficiency. Its immense potential is evident, as indicated by a survey where 60% of marketers expressed their belief that generative AI will have a transformative impact on their roles. Furthermore, an overwhelming 71% of marketers stated that it would enable them to shift their focus toward more strategic initiatives. However, the primary concern among marketers remains the “accuracy and quality” of generative AI output. Additionally, a significant 63% of marketers emphasize the necessity of trusted customer data as a crucial requirement for the successful implementation of generative AI.

Salesforce Marketing GPT

Exciting developments: Salesforce’s Marketing GPT brings a range of new capabilities to empower marketers in delivering personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across various touchpoints. With the integration of generative AI and trusted first-party data from Data Cloud, marketers can unlock several benefits:

Smarter audience targeting with Segment Creation: Marketers can create audience segments swiftly, leveraging natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations based on trusted data from Data Cloud. This feature enhances targeting precision and saves time.

Reduced writing workload with Email Content Creation: The Email Content Creation feature utilizes generative AI to automatically generate personalized emails. This functionality streamlines the process of testing and improving email engagement.

Enhanced Marketing ROI through Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud: This capability allows for the automatic integration of first-party data, revenue data, and third-party paid media data. By combining these data sources, marketers gain a more comprehensive view of audience engagement, leading to improved marketing ROI.

Timely message delivery with Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation, and Engagement: This feature automates the resolution of customer identities and updates segments within Data Cloud, ensuring accuracy and delivering the right message to the right audience at the optimal time.

Typeface integration for contextual visual assets: By leveraging Typeface’s generative AI content platform, marketers can create contextual visual assets that align with their brand’s voice, style guides, and messaging across multi-channel campaigns within Marketing GPT.

These advancements in Marketing GPT, combined with the utilization of trusted data and generative AI, equip marketers with powerful tools to elevate their campaigns and enhance customer experiences across various marketing channels.


Salesforce Commerce GPT

Commerce GPT, in combination with Data Cloud, offers several benefits to brands and businesses:

Goals-Based Commerce: With Commerce GPT and Data Cloud, businesses can automate their growth and conversion strategies. Goals-Based Commerce allows companies to set targets and goals and then leverages real-time data and insights to provide actionable recommendations on how to achieve those goals. It utilizes the power of Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Flow to offer personalized recommendations aimed at improving margins, increasing average order value (AOV), and delivering desired outcomes.

Dynamic Product Descriptions: Commerce GPT enables merchants to supercharge their productivity by automatically filling in missing catalog data. By leveraging the power of AI-generated descriptions, businesses can enhance the customer experience by providing tailored product descriptions for each buyer. This feature revolutionizes the way customers interact with product information, leading to a more engaging shopping experience.

Commerce Concierge: Commerce GPT empowers brands to redefine shopping and loyalty through the Commerce Concierge feature. This functionality enables personalized and engaging conversations between shoppers and businesses, utilizing natural language interactions. Customers can effortlessly discover products across various channels, including digital storefronts and messaging apps. Commerce Concierge leverages the capabilities of Commerce GPT to deliver a seamless and intuitive shopping experience.

By leveraging the capabilities of Commerce GPT and integrating it with Data Cloud, brands can enhance their commerce experiences, automate processes, boost productivity, and provide personalized recommendations to customers throughout their buyer’s journey.


Availability Timeline:

Here is a summary of the availability timeline:

Segment Creation: It will be in pilot later this summer and generally available in October 2023. This feature allows businesses to create and define customer segments for targeted marketing and personalization.

Email Content Creation: It will be in pilot in October 2023 and generally available in February 2024. This feature focuses on generating auto-generated email content for businesses, improving their email marketing strategies.

Rapid Identity Resolution: It will be generally available in October 2023.

Rapid Segmentation: It will be generally available later this summer.

Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud: It will be generally available in October 2023. Segment Intelligence provides valuable insights and analytics on customer segments, helping businesses make data-driven decisions.

Dynamic Product Descriptions: It will be generally available in July 2023. This feature automatically generates product descriptions tailored to individual buyers, enhancing the customer experience.

Commerce Concierge: It will be in pilot in October 2023 and generally available in February 2024. Commerce Concierge powers personalized conversations and product discovery through natural language interactions across various channels.

Goals-Based Commerce: It will be in pilot in October 2023 and generally available in February 2024. Goals-Based Commerce enables businesses to set targets and receive actionable insights and recommendations to achieve their commerce goals.

Data Cloud for Commerce: It is available now. Data Cloud for Commerce provides businesses with a unified and real-time data platform to leverage in their commerce strategies.

Please note that these dates are provided based on the information you provided, and it’s always a good idea to refer to official announcements and documentation from the platform for the most up-to-date information on feature availability.


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