Salesforce Data Cloud Integrations Empowering Brands [2024]

Salesforce Data Cloud Integrations (Kizzy Consulting - Top Salesforce Partners)

Salesforce recently unveiled fresh Salesforce Data Cloud integrations with Google Display & Video 360 and LinkedIn. These integrations enable Salesforce users to link their firsthand data from the leading AI CRM platform and conduct automated, personalized advertising campaigns on Google Ads and LinkedIn.

Why Salesforce Data Cloud integrations matters?

As the era of cookieless browsing nears and data privacy regulations swiftly change, enterprises are placing emphasis on gathering consent-driven data directly from their customer base. This data serves as the foundation for comprehending and engaging with customers. However, the existence of data silos presents a challenge for marketers aiming to unify their company’s first-party data, especially since organizations on average use 1,061 applications, with 71% remaining unconnected.

The Salesforce solution

The Salesforce Data Cloud for Marketing provides a solution that enables customers to consolidate data from various sources into one profile. This solution utilizes AI to expand insights and facilitates the creation of personalized advertising campaigns by leveraging first-party audience segments across the digital advertising network.

What’s new?

The recent integrations with Google and LinkedIn empower marketers to securely utilize their first-party data, establishing segments from Data Cloud. Subsequently, these integrations enable the delivery of pertinent advertising campaigns on Google Ads and LinkedIn. These advancements allow advertisers to:

  • Forge cohesive advertising experiences across various channels like display, video, TV, audio, among others, utilizing Google Display & Video 360. For instance, a media brand can craft captivating and seamless advertising encounters that enhance customer loyalty by employing unified customer profiles from Data Cloud. This approach enables the delivery of personalized ads and comprehensive campaign measurement across display, video, TV, audio, and more using Google Display & Video 360.
  • Target an expansive network of over 1 billion active professionals on LinkedIn based on job title, function, industry, and similar criteria. For instance, a tech company can create an end-to-end program to bolster awareness and promote relevant upsell and cross-sell conversion opportunities, leveraging first-party data and AI-powered product interest scoring from Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and product usage data from their applications to foster sales pipeline growth.

Innovation in practice

By consolidating data across the Salesforce Customer 360 platform within Data Cloud, leveraging AI-driven insights and recommendations from Einstein, and implementing them across their digital ad ecosystem, advertisers can achieve the following:

  • Enhance ad performance through a comprehensive customer profile that seamlessly integrates customer data across marketing, commerce, sales, service, or any interaction point.
  • Enhance efficacy by ensuring precise message delivery to the appropriate individual at the ideal moment. This is achieved through swiftly updated segment memberships, nearly instantaneous data exchange with advertising partners, and the exclusion of users who have already made a purchase or have active Service Cloud cases.

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