How Salesforce can help Consumer Goods Companies in revenue growth?

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a specialized platform tailored to meet the unique needs of consumer goods companies. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance sales, optimize retail execution, and improve overall visibility into field activities. With its robust functionalities, this cloud-based solution enables sales teams to collaborate more effectively, plan and execute retail strategies efficiently, and gain actionable insights to drive sales growth. By centralizing data and offering tools for improved analytics and execution, the Consumer Goods Cloud empowers companies in the consumer goods industry to better understand customer needs, boost field performance, and drive revenue.

Challenges for the Consumer Goods Industry

  • More and more product categories
  • Purchases are taking place on online channels, rather than in physical stores.
  • Organic growth for CG businesses is also decreasing.
  • Consumer needs and shopping habits are becoming increasingly polarized.

What is Consumer Goods Cloud?

Salesforce has launched a new industry product called Consumer Goods Cloud that helps Consumer Goods Companies (CGC) to drive revenue growth through retail execution.

It also provides intelligent and powerful solutions to field reps for improving in-store experiences and streamlining operations.

Consumer Goods Cloud is part of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

Benefits of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

  • Prepare for perfect store visitsConsumer Goods Cloud (Kizzy Consulting)
  1. Prepare for each store visit
  2. Prioritize store visits
  3. Optimize your route
  • Accelerate in-store productivityConsumer Goods Cloud (Kizzy Consulting)
  1. Audit inventory easily
  2. Check planogram compliance
  3. Grow your business collaboratively
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Increase audit accuracy with AIConsumer Goods Cloud (Kizzy Consulting)
  1. Accuracy of inventory
  2. Merchandising compliance
  3. Planogram
  • Maximize in-store sales with mobile order capturesConsumer Goods Cloud (Kizzy Consulting)
  1. Mobile solution to collect important data such as category, product, pricing, and quantity.

Kizzy Consulting

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