Heavy Machine Procurement-Demand and Supply [2024]

Heavy Machine Procurement-Demand and Supply (Kizzy Consulting-Top Salesforce Partner)

Company Overview

Client works in heavy machine procurement and retail industry.

Client is based out of Crofton, USA.

Cloud and Edition : Sales, Marketing, Enterprise

System Overview and Challenges

The client operates on the Enterprise Salesforce edition, specializing in heavy machinery like dozers, excavators, and loaders. They regularly receive buyer requests for specific machine types, each with unique specifications such as running distance, fuel type, and manufacturing year. 

Currently, sales representatives manually search for similar units in the system and manually send prospective deals to buyers. To streamline this process, the client sought an automated system to seamlessly deliver prospect units to buyers.


In response to the client’s need for a more efficient and automated approach to handling buyer requests for heavy machinery, the Kizzy team devised a tailored solution leveraging the capabilities of the Enterprise Salesforce edition. Recognizing the inefficiencies of manual searches and communication, our solution aimed to streamline the process by automating the generation and dissemination of prospect units to buyers. By seamlessly integrating with the client’s existing system, our solution revolutionized the process, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced communication throughout the buying process.

The Kizzy team implemented customizations as follows: 

  1. Whenever a new request was entered into the system, a “Want to Buy” process was initiated, generating related unit records. 
  2. If the unit wasn’t available in the system, marketing emails were dispatched to potential selling partners. 
  3. These records were compiled into a list and sent to the buyer via email, featuring only essential details to highlight the unit’s unique selling points while maintaining security. 
  4. Buyers were then given the option to select from the available units. 
  5. Once a unit was chosen, the sales representative received an alert to proceed with the purchasing process.

Heavy Machine Procurement-Demand and Supply (Kizzy Consulting-Top Salesforce Partner)


  1. The need for manually filtering and selecting from 100s of units was not required anymore. Thus helping in better management of the Sales teams’ time.
  2. With automated processes and reduced data discrepancy, there was an increase in the sales and customer satisfaction.
  3. With salesforce based marketing clouds’ vast functionalities and seamless integration; client was able to send mass emails and track the data more effectively. 
  4. With no need for manual calling and data maintenance, this automation reduced the sales teams’ processing time for a process by 45% over a 2 month period.
  5. This automation also decreased the overall Sales time, leading to more Unit sales.

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