The world’s #1 customer relationship management software

The world’s #1 customer relationship management software, Salesforce, helps businesses understand their customers better through a single interface. And the best thing is that the cloud-based application can easily adapt to the unique requirements of clients.

Kizzy Consulting has been developing advanced techniques and operations in the cloud world that are immensely helpful to small and large-scale organizations. If you think the Salesforce platform doesn’t have those necessary features that you want to have for an effective CRM operation, Kizzy Consulting has come to your rescue.

Our Salesforce Developers will design and integrate all of those features, applications, and services into the Salesforce platform so that you get more from the cloud-based CRM software than you expected.

The Salesforce Development Process We Follow

Discovery Phase

Without discovery, it can be inherently challenging to perform any Salesforce-linked task. That‘s why our Salesforce developer first conducts a brief analysis of the needs and wants of clients based on their business operations. The factors listed below are evaluated during the discovery phase, and the necessary Salesforce development executions are then rolled out. Such as-

  • We first understand the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Hereafter, we track the complexities in the current system.
  • Identifying the user’s needs from the Salesforce product
  • Following up on Tools, APIs, and the Development Approach
Source Control Setup

Source control setup is a mechanism to track files’ changes. During this phase, repositories store files and track changes in real-time. Repositories are basically containers for version control with multiple branches occupying features to be used in the development process. Developers can also create separate repositories to track changes and resolve conflicts in the process.

With the term “branches,” we basically meant an independent working environment that provides developers ample space to perform the needed actions without creating conflicts with other features of the system.

By conducting a source control setup, we enable parallel development in the whole setup, and as a result, all challenges and risk probabilities are eliminated from the equation.

Development Phase

As soon as all basic arrangements are made, development operations are carried out. The development process begins once all of the necessary Salesforce configuration information has been gathered in the sandbox.

Developers utilize the sandboxes to write code, customize the code, and create a dummy version of the system so that changes are transferred without any risk or complications.

This area requires the specialization of multiple Salesforce developers and engineers who understand the complete math of this equation.


The testing phase is mandatory for every Salesforce development project, as it brings out major potential areas for changes and adjustments that can impact real-time CRM operations.

Rather than a random test, Kizzy Consulting conducts a full-fledged test to assess the overall responsiveness of the application with the CRM software. This includes visual testing, load testing, integration/API testing, performance testing, etc.

Product Release

Once all checks have been completed, the product is ready to be integrated into your company’s environment for the improvement of CRM operations on a personal level. Any bug fixes, upgrades, and code tweaks will be given from time to time until the system is completely fit and fine.