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Salesforce Summer’23 Release Notes [2023]

Salesforce Summer'23 Release Notes

Salesforce launches updates quarterly to keep its platform up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, industry trends, and customer demands. By releasing updates every three months, Salesforce can deliver new features, functionalities, and improvements at a faster pace, enabling customers to quickly adapt to changing business requirements and stay ahead of the competition. Salesforce Summer’23 release notes have delivered many new features and functionalities.

Additionally, the quarterly release cycle allows Salesforce to collect and incorporate customer feedback more efficiently, ensuring that its updates are aligned with customer needs and preferences. It also provides customers with a more predictable release schedule, making it easier to plan and prepare for updates.

Overall, the quarterly release cycle allows Salesforce to continuously enhance its platform, innovate faster, and deliver greater value to its customers.

Salesforce Summer’23 Flow Updates

Compose intelligent workflows with Flow Builder, OmniStudio, and Flow Orchestration. Integrate across any system with Flow Integration.


MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is now Flow Integration. Flow Integration makes it easy to integrate data from any system with clicks and invoke processes in any flow. When you create a secure process to connect the information stored in different systems, you build a real-time, integrated view of your customers and business.

In the Salesforce Summer’23 release get external data without using code (generally available). Send data to external servers without using code (beta). Create screens that react to changes from other components on the same screen (beta). Log emails and use email templates with the Send Email action. Convert processes with scheduled actions to flows with the Migrate to Flow tool. Convert MuleSoft REST APIs into invocable actions. Use multi-select picklists in screen flows for Flow in Slack.

Control the context that your auto-launched orchestration, background steps, and evaluation flow run in. Use the new MuleSoft step to run MuleSoft actions from an orchestration. Add comments to orchestration run logs, list views, and detail views. Benefit from the refreshed record and record collection variables after an orchestration running on version 58.0 resumes.

Accessibility improvements enable screen readers to accurately render the OmniScript runtime experience. The name of the Standard OmniStudio Runtime setting changed.

Salesforce Security, Identity, and Privacy Updates

In the Salesforce Summer’23 Release Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and enhanced domain rollouts continue. Track file activities with File Event for Event Monitoring. Automate processes for Security Center data with flows. Build native identity experiences with new and improved Headless Identity APIs. And host preference forms via your own Salesforce instance.


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