Heavy Machine Procurement-Freight Process [2024]

Heavy Machine Procurement-Freight Process (Kizzy Consulting)

Company Overview

Client works in heavy machine procurement and retail industry.

Client is based out of Crofton, USA.

Cloud and Edition : Sales, Unlimited

System Overview and Challenges

The client utilises Enterprise Salesforce edition, and deals in heavy machinery such as dozers, excavators, and loaders etc. To facilitate the movement of these machines between locations, the client requires mover services. Previously handled by the operations team, the freight process involved manually reaching out to various freight providers for quotations. Seeking automation, the client aimed to streamline this process, ensuring seamless communication with all freight providers and logging pertinent details within the system.


In response to the client’s need for streamlining their freight process within the heavy machinery industry, the Kizzy team devised a tailored solution leveraging the capabilities of the enterprise Salesforce edition. Recognizing the inefficiencies of manually coordinating with multiple freight providers, the solution aimed to automate and optimize the entire workflow. By integrating seamlessly with the client’s existing system, our solution revolutionised the process of selecting, coordinating, and tracking freight services, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced communication across all stages of the freight process.

The Kizzy team implemented customizations as follows: 

  1. When a unit needed to be moved, the system allowed selection of freight type, whether domestic or international. 
  2. Based on this choice, the automated system filtered freight providers and sent quotation requests via email, including unit details and expected delivery date. 
  3. Freight providers could look at the requirements in a public site form and submit their quotations.
  4. These quotations were attached to the unit, enabling the operations team to choose the best provider based on price and past performance. 
  5. Once a provider was selected, others were notified that the deal was closed. 
  6. The unit’s progress with the provider through various freight stages, including provider approval, pickup, and drop-off, was tracked.


  1. As time progressed, the automated rating system provided us with an internal rating of freight providers. Thus helping the client rate best freight providers and remove cold freight providers from the system.
  2. A bird-eye view dashboard provided a complete view into the unit movement for the operations team.
  3. Vendor management and ease-of-business was increased which led to higher trust factor and better partnership approaches.
  4. With no need for manual calling and data maintenance, this automation reduced the operation teams’ processing time for a process by 60% over a 6 month period.
  5. This automation also decreased the overall freight time, leading to better customer services and increased trust factor.

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